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 Investor Influence offers strategic investor relations services to its clients using a variety of marketing strategies designed to communicate their clients' company history and business plan to the appropriate institutional and retail investment professionals. 

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a Full Service Internet Marketing Firm that delivers solutions for emerging growth and already established companies.


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About Us

Content is distributed to millions of individuals online and over 30,000 financial professionals, including North American and international buy-side analysts, investment research professionals and portfolio managers

InvestorInfluence.com is an internet based publishing platform designed to create, catalogue, distribute and make functional, financial content and data related to that content. InvestorInfluence.com solutions generate rich media exposure for public and private companies, industry groups and investment professionals through the InvestorInfluence.com proprietary software platform. InvestorInfluence.com software is primarily used to: (1) facilitate executive and company participation in industry and event-based roundtables and conferences; (2) create and distribute audio-based content related to a particular private or public company or an industry in which a company conducts business; (3) append interview-related and other rich media content to traditional press releases; and (4) for registered investment professionals only, to add interview-based audio content to financial research.. All content is copyrighted to protect licensing partners.

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investor awareness firm specializing in demand generation performance marketing strategies

a full service Strategic Management Consulting firm for private and publicly traded companies with customized programs to generate awareness among investors.

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